By using this website and/or participating in any programs or services offered by The Gym Of Tucson, you agree to the following terms, conditions, and liability waivers:

  1. Participation and Liability Waiver: I have agreed to participate in an exercise class/ program. I waive any and all possibilities of personal damage that may result from participation in this exercise program now and in the future and accept full responsibility for my participation. The Gym Of Tucson shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries to me or my family resulting from this program, except for injuries caused by gross negligence or intentional acts.

  2. Intellectual Property: All content on this website is owned by or licensed to The Gym Of Tucson and is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.

  3. User Conduct: I agree to adhere to all guidelines and policies set forth by The Gym Of Tucson while using the gym facilities and the website.

  4. Privacy: The Gym Of Tucson values user privacy and any personal information provided on this website will be handled according to the gym's Privacy Policy.

  5. Photos and Videos: I give permission for photographs and videos taken of me and/or my children to be used on social media and for promotional purposes.

  6. Health and Medical Advice: I have been informed that a physician's approval is recommended before participating in the exercise program. I accept all risks associated with strenuous exercise and understand no one can predict every possible complication that might arise.

  7. COVID-19 Acknowledgment and Policies: I acknowledge the risks associated with COVID-19 when visiting public places, including The Gym Of Tucson. I recognize the precautions being taken by The Gym Of Tucson but understand that the risk of transmission remains. I release The Gym Of Tucson and its coaches from any liability related to COVID-19 or any other communicable disease.

  8. Modification of Terms: The Gym Of Tucson reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Continued use of the website or participation in programs signifies acceptance of these changes.

  9. Governing Law: Any disputes arising from these terms or participation in gym activities will be governed by the laws of the state in which The Gym Of Tucson operates.

  10. Contact: For any queries regarding these terms & conditions, I can contact The Gym Of Tucson using the contact details provided on the website.

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